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FOX Business
Dec 17, 2012 4:00pm EST
. russia is coming back. after can has been a good story this year. i think you put all that together on the crane side it offsets some of the negatives we've seen in europe and china. liz: okay. let me just make that clear for our viewers. the americas, chile, peru, some of brazil, russia and then of course the fracking business is just amazing. let's get to the food service part of this. you know, your involvement in two different businesses. it is a reat balance one is weaker and one pulls up the rear. how well is the food service business and where are the pockets of grenlt? >> the -- strength. pockets of strength are as they recapitalize their businesses. things like, how do you get more people in the footprint of what you have? there is menu changes. there is the healthy meal type areas. there's, the, can't think of what i'm looking for, the sanitation and the health type concerns. liz: sure, sure. >> then you look at the growth the global chains have in china, in india, that's all taking, taking off for us. you look at the footprint that we have in food service, arguably have t
FOX Business
Dec 18, 2012 4:00pm EST
in september from a cyber criminal in russia who goes by the name, thief in law. that is how it would translate into english. claiming they're going to be launching a trojan horse kind of virus that allows hem to use password and access to your bank accounts to transfer small amounts of money. if you do it on large enough scale you can make millions. according to mcafee they tested variants of this trojan virus since 2007 and goten away with transferring roughly $5 million. at least that is whht the hackers are claiming. i spoke to cedric layton an expert in this field, he will be on "money" with melissa francis in a few minutes on ways to protect yourself. you should check your bank account daily for any bizarre activity. he said banks need to ramp up security procedures. keep in mind while there are 30 institution in the united states being targeted. it will start perhaps this spring. that's when they say the attack will begin. they are going after high net worth indivduals. if you ask john boehner that is someone worth over million dollars, if you ask the president it is some
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2